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making news in america this morning -- a tragic end to the holiday weekend. four people with killed, dozens injured when a train derail near new york city. health scare aboard a plane. everyone on board at risk for a potentially deadly disease. it's cyber monday. we'll show you which sites are offering the best bargains. and this could be the way your holiday gifts arrive in the not so distant future. who wants to do it and when could it become a reality?
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good monday morning. crews worked through the night at the scene of the deadly derailment here in new york. >> the so called black boxes have been recovered. they're looking at whether speed or faulty brax could have caused that accident. >> those train cars still on the train track this morning. >> reporter: a train is is being brought in to remove the derailed train cars on the tracks this morning. ntsb investigators are expected to be here for a week to ten days. this morning, a search for answers. four people were killed, more than 60 hurt. >> it was like a movie scene. >> reporter: overnight, investigators recovered the black boxes from the mangled metro train in good condition. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why
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it happened. >> reporter: for the more than 100 passengers on board, it was a nightmare. 5:54 a.m. sunday, the train leaves poughkeepsie for grand central. the train approaches a curve. passengers throne from their seats. >> people just flying back and forth. >> on a work day, fully occupied, it would have been a tremendousdisaster. >> reporter: among the victims, 54-year-old james lavelle, a lighting expert, father of four, who was headed into manhattan to work on the rockefeller christmas tree. >> i'll remember him as having dignity, determination, a wonderful father, friend, and neighbor. >> reporter: also killed, 54-year-old donna smith, active in the girl scouts and with her church. >> donna was a wonderful person.
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kind, friendly, neighborly. >> reporter: passengers describe the train as speeding at the curve. investigators will look at that. >> tahman bradley, thank you for that report. traveling on northeastern roadways hazardous as well. a giant chain reaction crash, nearly 70 vehicles part of that pileup. freezing rain is responsible. more than 30 people were hospitalized. a scary flight from austin texas. passengers were being advised by the fire department to get a tb shot after it was revealed that a passenger on board may have had tuberculosis. the risk is low, however, because the flight was so short. the cdc says last night, there was no indication gnat any
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passenger was infectious. the white house says heflt care.govern is now working for the majority of the people that log on. it's working 90% of the time, up from 40%. e weekend launch was kept low-key. >> it hasn't been easy. >> the good thing about when you're down is that you got to where to go but up. >> they urge consumers to call the call center for advanced help. the obama administration is urging north korea to free an elderly american tourist. 85-year-old merrill newman is seen on a video confessioner war crimes. it's the first time he was seen since being detained five weeks ago when he was pulled off a plane with no explanation. >> we just hope waver that
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misunderstanding is will be resolved. >> the swedish ambassador visited him on friday. the family is hoping to have him home before the new year. a bizarre death between the broncos-chiefs game. the owner of an suv went to his car, there was a stranger sitting inside. when the stranger tried to run away, he collapsed or later died. he was not shot or stabbed. it will take an autopsy to find out what caused his death. a show of support in the fight of hiv. the white house hung a giant symbolic red ribbon from the portico. pope francis called on people to pray for people with hiv. he also asked for prayers for doctors and researchers working to wipe out that disease.
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let's take a look at the weather across the nation. from the pacific northwest to the great lakes, plan of heavy wind and rain along with lots of snow. rain if the carolinas. otherwise, a dry day. >> temperatures will be pretty much textbook for this time of the year. 60s and 70s across the south. still to come, another round of holiday shopping is set for today. we have found some of the best cyber monday deals. and new details about the death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. and a controversial post pregnancy picture. some people saying this is just too much. mmemmeemaaa
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and welcome back. it was a disappointing weekend for retailers. the people were at the stores. they seem to have left their wallets at home. total spending thursday through sunday was down 3% to just over $57 billion. shoppers sent an average of $407. this is the first time spending has decreased if the last seven years. some stores began the sale before the weekend. same the true of the online merchants. some cyber monday sales began in november at sites like walma only 2 million more will shop online this year than last. the deals this year may be bigger than ever.
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amazon is opromising a deal evey ten minutes. even ebay is offering sales. hunger games catching fire held on to number one. the new disney animated musical frozen was right behind it. both broke the records for thanksgiving weekend. frozen had the biggest thanksgiving weekend opening ever. abc news is part of disney. can't wait to get your sweetheart something for christmas. this is the tune we're talking about. if you bought all 364 items in the 12 days of christmas, the price tag would be more than 114,000 bucks. up 7% this year. seven items on the list cost the same. not the nine ladies dancing. they're up 20%. the ten lords a leaping, they cost 10% more. i don't care what they say, i want ten lords a leaping.
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what are ten lords a leaping? >> maids a milking. that's what i want. that's what i need after i have this kid. >> got me on that one, diana. when we come back, crack-smoking mayor rob ford steals the spot light from a pro football team. and the amazing play by a college football team and the even more enthusiastic response that comes from the team's announcer. ♪ (associate) hi! where did you come from? oh... sorry. welcome to petsmart! aren't you kris...? christmas shopping? uh... yes. i have a list of... good girls and boys? good treats and toys. okay... (announcer) at petsmart, we care as much about your pet's happiness as you do. that's why we offer a wide variety of unique toys and tasty treats - they make perfect holiday gifts. celebrate your pet, celebrate the season!
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. hollywood welcomed in the spirit of the season last night. santa took a break from the north pole to lead things off. followed by dancing evils. this tradition has gone strong for 82 years. let's look at the road conditions. the major trouble spots will be throughout the pacific
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northwest, stretching east ward to the great lakes. >> the only major airport delays expected today are in seattle and minneapolis. fans, friends, and fellow actors are mourning the shocking death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. killed in a fiery crash in california over the weekend. >> officials say speed was a factor. here's cecelilia vega. >> reporter: just minutes after paul walker known for his success in "fast & furious" and his friend, roger rodas, this. witnesses tried to put the fire out. it was too late. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. >> there's nothing. we tried. we went through fire extinguishers. >> reporter: the red porsche so mangled it was unrecognizable.
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the pole it hit, too. the 40-year-old actor attended a toy drive and car show. his 15-year-old daughter and rodass' son was there, too. friend jim spoke to both men before they crashed just a few blocks away from the charity event in a car that can reach up to 240 miles an hour. this is the spot where the crash happened. the inpact was so great that a chunk of the car flew from here into the building. "fast & furious" costar tyrese gibson was among those who came to the scene to grieve, as stunned stars and fans come to grips with his death. what was the last thing you heard paul say? >> i'll be right back. that was the last thing paul said. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news. >> he almost didn't get into
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that car, according to tmz. roger rodas was watching an employee back the car into the garage and was vl problems with it stalling. he took over. an explosion killed a family matriarch in texas. the blast felt like an earthquake and was heard in the neighboring town. family members say the woman who died was proud of her log cabin-style home where she loved to host family gatherings. the buffalo bills played the annual game if toronto yesterday. the real winner was in the stands. mayor rob ford showed up late, left early. at the game, he signed autographs, posted for pictures, bloped down if another fan's seat and etch had a snack. he seemed to be as popular as
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ever. by the way, atlanta beat the bills, 34-31. here in the lower 48, a college football play sure to make highlight reels for years to come. auburn against alabama. chris davis caught a missed field goal. he runs it all the way back for a come-from-behind game-winning touchdown. >> 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 45, there goes davis! >> oh, my god! >> auburn's going to win the football game! oh, my lord if heaven! >> i love it. the call fit the play. thanks to auburn's upset, it's jumped to number three in the college football rankings. what a play. a lot of pro football to cover as well. with that, our friends at espn. good morning, america. welcome inside "sportscenter."
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i'm john buccigross. denver made it a sweep with the chiefs. peyton manning, so accurate on sunday. looking for eric decker a lot. you can see why. i mean, sthat just a perfect pass. decker makes the catch. tied the game at 21-21. big third quarter by the bronco offen offense. manning to decker. just perfect. seven-point lead. third and goal. look at that. 35-21. chiefs do come back and make it a one-score game. a chance to tie it, but mike adams picks off the alex smith pass. the broncos win it. look at this game on espn tonight. satsin seahawks. number one seed on the line. home field advantage down the line. kickoff, 8:25. it all starts with "monday night countdown." you got come on, man, during monday night countdown.
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here's the latest standings. florida state, number one, as expected. they haven't lost. ohio state, number two. also undefeated. just ahead of one-loss auburn at three. auburn trying to pass the buckeyes. they have one more week to do it to try to get into the national title game. want more sports? why wouldn't you. check out "sportscenter." a live "sportscenter" on espn 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> thank you. here's a guy look at a pro career in hoops. a toddler named titus. >> his latest compilation video is our "play of the day." he's been in the news for awhile now. making buckets from seven stories up. >> he's taking on hoops legends and stealing the spotlight every time. >> you think his dad is a little proud? >> i think so. >> kid has touch. >> can he eat solid food yet?
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man. >> uh, scholarship. >> love it. love it. hope he can run, because he can certainly shoot. >> he can throw, though, right? up next, "the pulse." the world's best known fake news anchor surprising real news viewers with a look at what's happening in their town. but first. a slice of the future could be dropping in on you. delivery by drone? it may not be so far fetched. [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective
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competition. >> that's right. company president jeff be eszos says that they may start dropping in on competitors. >> the biggest cost may not be technological. do they allow flights in residential areas? the wife of a norwegian soccer player taking flack from showing her body off four days after giving birth. >> she posted this on instagram. no signs that she had just been carrying a baby. >> that's amazing. women have lashed out online for not thinking about how this may affect others. she's proud of her body. are you going to look like that the day after? >> probably not. i'm carrying a really big baby.
4:24 am
she probably had a small baby. a bit of in-studio excitement for a local news team in bismarck. >> the folks at kxas news got to sit with ron burgundy. he delivered the real news over the weekend. >> good evening. i'm amber. >> i'm ron burgundy. >> with her car as she sped away from the parking lot. >> families can enjoy wagon rides, caroling and s'mores. you look lovely tonight. are you married? >> no. >> i am. to don't get any ideas. >> it was all part of a promotion campaign for "anchorman 2." >> it was interesting to watch. they were laughing, trying to keep a straight face. >> it was awkward to watch. i think that was the point.
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>> hey, i know i want to watch it. >> me, foop it's coming out toon.
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but, soft...what light... ... through yonder window breaks ... it is the east ... and juliet is the sun good night! good night... parting is such sweet sorrow ... that i shall say good night 'til it be morrow
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checking our top stories. investigate rrs looking into what caused a deadly derail nmt new york city. four people died when that train went off the tracks rounding a curve. the insbes gags could take up to ten days. thousands of commuters bracing for delays today. passengers on a flight from usa on the phoenix were told to get a tb shot after a passenger had a made call condition. the cdc says the passenger was not infectious. gay marriage game legal at midnight in hawaii. looking at today's weather, plan on showers in the carolinas, snow, wind, and rain from the great lakes to the northwest. finally this morning, jumping head first into the record books. >> dozens of brave women pull
4:28 am
aef a breath-taking stunt. linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: these 63 women are about to set a world skydiving record. this is not your traditional jump. flying on your belly. these women, ranging from 20 to 53 are doing a superdangerous sport known as free flying. the largest ever. >> we're on our heads while we're in freefall. >> reporter: they're upside down, hurtling head first at the arizona desert. in freefall for a minute and half using their legs and feet as rudders to steer themselves into this flower shape. >> all 63 women have to be doing exactly their job. >> reporter: the women say it's like standing in a hurricane,
4:29 am
nearly impossible to move. then the most dangerous part of the jump. the divers, many of them nonprofessional, many of them mothers, break from formation in three ways. each diver must tern themselves 180 degrees in or zoz tall position, flying to a place where they have enough spay to open their parachutes. >> something that no one has ever, ever done. >> reporter: 63 daring women. now in the history books. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> amazing, right. >> it's beautiful the look at. and interesting to hear about. but not something i would want to come close to. >> 63 women braver than this guy sitting right here. not going to try that one? >> no, i'm going watch it from the safety of my anchor desk. >> i'm with you. >> no, thanks.. >> me, too. sxwlmpl that's what's making news this america this morning. >> have a great day, everyone.
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>> breaking news we're following this morning. the latest as a water make threatens to make a mess out of the morning rush hour. plus, big changes talk effect today for a lunchtime staple across the district. this will have everyone talking today as they head out to grab that sandwich. good morning, i'm jummy olabanji. >> good morning, autria godfrey has the day off, but let's go right to a40 with the -- jacqui jeras with the weather. >> we have some cloud cover, and that helps keep our temperatures up a little bit. 42 degrees at reagan national airport.
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